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School was founded March 2, 1945. In 1952 the school received a new building on the Stefan Batory street 37, which is located in the center of Chorzów-Batory. The name Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School was used the longest and, since September 2002, it has operated under the name of the Technical Secondary School No. 3, which consists of: V High School and Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School.

Our School is located in a spacious, well-maintained building. In all classrooms there are computers with the internet access, interactive boards or projectors. IT rooms are equipped with computers from Dell, HP and Apple. Specialist laboratories – electrical and mechatronic – have the most modern measuring equipment and sets to perform exercises from Festo, Encon and FF. We are constantly modernizing the didactic base, equipping the studios, in the recent period, with EU funds, we have financed the creation of two laboratories: IT network operating systems and multimedia, as well as robotics and electrical devices. We also have laboratories: physical, biological-chemical, historical, geographical, language and a library with an internet reading room.Sports database is a playground, a gym with a new type of surface and aerobic training and a bodybuilding gym. Highly qualified teachers provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their own interests and students are prepared to undertake further study at universities or work. We have obtained Quality Certificate ‚School of Entrepreneurship’, ‚Silver school’ and ‚Safe Internet School’.

On the day of the Jubilee of the 60-anniversary of the school, on June 15, 2013, V High School and Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School were given the name of Nikola Tesla. The portrait of the Patron, a prominent Serbian scientist, was unveiled by Mr Andrzej Kotala- the President and our graduate, and  Mr J.E. Radojko Bogojević, Consul Mr. Michail Petkowski who was representing the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Poland.

We are currently training in two types of schools: V High School and Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School in such occupations as:

V High School areas:

  • law with the extension (an increase of the number of hours and the scope of the material) of the Polish language and history as well as an extension of foreign languages: English, German or Italian and complementary items as: elements of the law and nature;
  • biotechnology with biology, geography and  foreign languages –English, German or Italian to choose from and complementary items as: introduction to biotechnology, history, sociology.

Curricula subjects – the elements of law, introduction to biotechnology are being developed and implemented in cooperation with the Department of law and administration, as well as with the Department of Biology and the Environment of University of Silesia. The expanded program of the history is taught with a particular focus on the history of law. In the extended geography, account shall be taken of the content of the ecology and geography of tourism and in biology, extended access to biotechnology.

High school graduates will be able to start higher studies, especially in the following faculties: law, administration, history, political science, sociology, journalism and social communication, entrepreneurship, biology, geography, biotechnology, medical faculties, environmental engineering, environmental protection, tourism, dietetics, physical therapy, physical education, English, Germanic and Roman philology.

Technical School of Mechanics – Electrical of Nikola Tesla occupations:

  • electrician
  • mechatronics technician
  • IT technician
  • graphics and digital printing technician

The technical college graduates can get qualifications in the various professions referred to the regulations of the Minister of National Education concerning the classification of professional education, and they will be able to start higher education or start their own business.


–         further education at university, proposed faculties: electrical,  mechanical technological, automation and robotics, electronics and computer science, energy;

–         starting their own business: running a company specializing in the design or implementation of electrical installations;

–          employment in power system plants (power plants, power grids, energy companies), companies designing and executing electrical installations, technical supervision of companies, plants providing service and maintenance of electrical machines and devices in industrial enterprises, service companies servicing home appliances, maintenance services in industrial plants;

Mechatronics technician

–       further education at university, proposed faculties: mechanical engineering, automation and robotics, electronics and IT, electrical, energy, biomedical engineering;

–       starting their own business: running a company that deals with servicing and repairing electrohydraulic and pneumatic devices, or designing and programming mechatronic devices and systems;

–       certain employment in plants with automated and robotic production cycle, companies using CAD-assisted computer design, manufacturing and refurbishment companies, companies dealing in the service of electrohydraulic and pneumatic devices, technical supervision of companies, maintenance services in industrial plants;

IT technician  (patronage class of the Department of Information Technology in the Silesian University of Technology);

–         further education at university, proposed faculties: computer science, management, automation and electronics, telecommunications, biotechnology;

–         starting their own business: running a specializing company in IT services for enterprises, a company involved in the creation and operation of the software;

–         employment in computational centers, creation companies and operation of software, enterprises administering networks computer, IT service companies.

Graphics and digital printing technician

–         further education at university, proposed faculties: computer science – graphicscomputer and multimedia, production engineering – technology of printing, exploitationpolygraphic and artistic machines – artistic or design graphics;

–         starting their own business: running a company dealing with creating and processing graphics, companies in the advertising, design or industry multimedia;

–         certain employment in design offices, industry laboratories, plants printing industry, research and development centers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, photography studios, IT companies.

Our school cooperates with:

  • The University of Silesia, particularly with the Department of Biology and Environmental protection and the Department of Law and Administration,
  • The Silesian University of Technology Department of Mechanical Technology: we organize meetings in the field of professional orientation also with representatives of other departments of Silesian University of Technology,
  • The School of Establishment in the Business, in terms of preparing to conduct private business,
  • Higher School of Mechatronics in Katowice, in terms of content support.

 Our Technical Vocational School received the title of „Silver School 2013 ‚; It got the 87th position in the National Ranking 2013 of technical schools and 13th place in Silesia.

On the basis of the signed contracts we work with universities:

–  University of Silesia

  • Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
  • Faculty of Law and Administration
  • Philological faculty

–  Silesian University of Technology

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy
  • Department of Transport

– Higher Technical School in Katowice

– Higher Banking School in Poznań. Branch Office in Chorzów (implementation of common EU projects).

As a part of the cooperation, there are organized classes for students at the University or in our School, which are carried out by the academic teachers.

We work on the basis of signed contracts or internships and professional internships with companies:

  • Tauron Dystrybucja S.A. (the Company’s patronage)
  • Energoprojekt–Katowice S.A.
  • Elektror airsystems Sp. z o.o.
  • INTERsoft Sp. z o. o.  NKT Cables S.A.
  • F&F Filipowski Sp. J.
  • Elgór + Hansen S.A.
  • Blumenbecker Polska Sp. z o. o.
  • Plasma System S.A.
  • IzoBlok S.A.
  • MINEC Sp. z o. o.

The cooperation also includes study visits, meetings with practitioners, organized by company certification courses; the cooperation helps introduce students to the labor market. The companies Energoprojekt Katowice and Elektror Airsystems provide the students with the best academic results, especially in the field of vocational subjects, funded scholarships.

We have already participated in several different EU projects , they allowed students to gain additional knowledge, skills,

develop interest and get to know other countries and benefits for the School related with modernization of the didactic base, purchase of new equipment.

Completed projects:

  • CKU, CKP, and vocational schools in the position of professional examinations equipment – part II:
  • Laboratory of Mechatronics in Technical Secondary School No. 3;
  • Computer labs for schools;
  • Partners in learning with the University, Silesian Voivodeship;
  • Company simulation – the real competence of the Silesian School of Entrepreneurship;
  • The Academy of key competences with the company BUSINESS CENT;
  • Fourth estate with class of the European School in Cracow;
  • Gallopem school from the Higher School of Management and Marketing Management School of foreign languages in Katowice;
  • Occupation – passport to the future with School of Banking in Poznań;
  • The latest generation of professional workshops in the Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School of Nikola Tesla in Chorzów;
  • Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School the school of positive choice (cooperation with the College of Banking in Poznań Branch Off-campus in Chorzów);
  • High professional qualifications as a way to success (Erasmus +);
  • Monument of Friendship (joint project – V High School and Mechanical – Electrical Technical Secondary School and Friedrich – Dessauer – Schule in Limburg).

We are preparing for the implementation of the following projects:

  • Good education – better future (ERASMUS +), a project in which the students will have apprenticeships in Ireland, develop professional and linguistic competences, increase their employment opportunities on the European job market;
  • Didactic classes in the field of radio and television journalism and e-sport for the secondary schools implemented in the cooperation with the University of Silesia, including audiovisual devices operation, audiovisual assembly, work in radio and television editorial office, participation in lectures in the field of journalism and e-sport;

 In cooperation with the partner city of Chorzow – Termoli , we organise for students weekly trips to Italy and the exchange of students with a school in Limburg (Germany). We started a cooperation with the Serbian technical school in Sremska Mitrovica.

There is very good atmosphere, which makes that a lot of our graduates’ children decide to learn at our school. Multi-annual survey among students and parents indicate a high sense of security in our school.

Conducting sport classes has become a tradition of the school. Developed forms of cooperation with schools in Chorzow, sports clubs, „Ruch Chorzow SSA” (football) and NTP OCZKO CHORZOW (boys volleyball) allow students to develop sporting talents, which is confirmed by the careers of our graduates, some of which are Olympic gold medalists – Jan Benigier, Zygmunt Maszczyk, Dariusz Gęsior,the national team coach – Anthony Piechniczek and 31 Polish champions at football, handball, fencing, acrobatics and boxing.

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities:

  • classes in interest groups – scientific, artistic, sports, journalism radio and television, we have our own Tesl @ vision studio;
  • participation in the school works of: SEP and CISCO Academy;
  • working as a volunteer (we organize the  Przystanek PaT);
  • additional e-sport activities – professional trainings conducted by trainers of electronic sports from the eSports Association,
  • watching films at the school cinema ULTIMA THULE; computer and board games tournaments;
  • additional classes in selected subjects for both gifted as well as weak students;
  • periodic events – Patron’s Day, Silesian German Language Competition, Panorama Klas, Żakinada, Sports Day, integration excursions for the first grades, scientific and tourist trips, trips to cooperating companies, trips to Italy, Serbia, Germany, meetings with interesting people …

We are a school of the future!


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